The Church of St.John the Baptist.

Pre 1823 – Church
2010 Randwick Church

The church was first recorded as being one of the chapels belonging to Standish Church in the early 13th century. Apparently no record exists of a date when the church was built in Randwick but in a document of the consistory court of Worcester it was referred to as being in existence in 1348. Of the church of those days only the low square tower remains, the remaining parts having been rebuilt and additions made in succeeding centuries.


Randwick Church

In 1547 Randwick was granted burial rights and in 1650 was said to be fit to be a separate parish. In the latter part of the 17th century a gallery was built for the accommodation of a larger number of worshipers, to which gallery access was gained by an exterior flight of stone steps. In 1719 the south aisle was added, paid for by subscription. In 1724 a double transept was added with tall round headed windows on the south of the church. In 1739 George Whitfield preached in Randwick church. The church was full and about 2,000 were in the churchyard who, by taking down the window behind the pulpit, were able to hear. John Wesley preached her in 1742.


1893 North view of church